We cordially welcome you to the website www.in-propria-causa.de. This website provides information to 3D animation, which was created by Gabriele Al Dahouk (idea) and Horst Brinkmann (production).

Animation of a Logo

We created the movie “Das Menschel und der Friedensgeist” (Little Man and the Spirit of Peace), due to a competition. The two-dimensional logo of a citizens’ initiative should be animated by film-makers.


The Doodad (der Dingsbums) is a 3D character that is planned to be used in different future projects, e.g. animated ecards (doodadCards).


Latest news

December 2007
The first version of the character Doodad was finalised on December 7, 2007.

January 2008
HD Greetings (www.hdgreetings.com) included doodadCard No.1 into the category “Happy New Year”.


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